• A message to my brother

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    Regarding the anxieties of a potential breakup with his first boyfriend of a few months. An older man who he has addressed his feelings of having a title to their relationship on multiple occasions but has been unwilling to.

    This is after their heated discussion on the matter and the guy he’d been seeing has left for aspen to think on the subject.
    My brother has been sleepless, unable to eat, high levels of anxiety.

    :I’m sorry that it’s got you feeling so anxious . Please take care of yourself though okay? I mean I know how those intense feelings go, I really do. Things I try to do are find songs that tether me to a better state of mind.

    You won’t know until he gets back bit you can focus all that anxious energy into something for yourself, a hobby or something you want to learn about.
    It might not make you happy per say but it can channel those feelings into something else where you can say wow I made that or awesome I learned this.

    My brother has a pretty good support system, but sometimes even with that we fall into dark places of ourselves and it’s up to us to find the way back.

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