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    Dear whoevers listening

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    I’ve been really annoyed with myself lately. I do such stupid things and I’m not getting anywhere. I’ve been trying to help people that have just started, but in doing so all its done is made them come to me and then I’ve had to sometimes divert the work elsewhere. I’m so annoyed with myself

    So low..

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    That just about sums it up I’m at such a low, low ebb without you. You probably dont know or care about my recent loss, but it struck me that all I wanted was you to hold me and lie, like you used to, about protecting me and keeping me safe Who would have thought


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    I think the biggest thing that kept me from pursuing that in bringing some particular visions to life on a stage were the vain high energy personalities. I went to show after show, and while I enjoyed them I’d watch the performers and what they were like and I realized I just didn’t have it