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    Thank you,

    For every moment of the last 14 years you have been there for me.

    When I needed you.
    Sad, angry or frustrated.

    When I wanted you.
    Happy, excited or in comfort.

    I remember the day we first met, the day I fell in love with you.
    I remember the day we first touched lips, the day I wanted to be with you.

    You have also given my a life outside my comfort zone,
    Meeting great people who share my passion.
    Granting relationships that may not have been possible without you.


    There are people in my life that dislike you.
    Parents, friends, colleagues and some people who have only met you once.
    They say you do more harm than good.
    And it would be not be wise to waste time and money on you.
    I’ve tried convincing them that you can stay in my life despite any faults.
    But they disagree.

    I will miss you,
    I will miss when I hold onto you and you sharing your warmth with me.
    I will miss touching you with my lips and having your breath linger along side mine,
    I will miss you supporting my hand in everything I go through.

    I am leaving you,
    I will see you again I’m sure.
    Your scent may blow by me when we walk by each other,
    and I will still find it wonderful.
    But we shall never fall back into each others hands again.

    Thank you again,

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