• Outdoor Skyfall

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    Life is short, or so I’ve been told. I’ve sat with people much older then me, wiser then me, people who have endured this earth for longer then I have. They look at me with envy. The young girl, who still has yet to see this world.

    I have experienced much already. More then most will ever have to. But from what I can say, I don’t think there should ever be an age where you stop chasing life. Where you sit around waiting for death and being envious of the youth.

    Young people can be old at heart and old people can be young at heart. Aging is what happens. Age does not equate to experience. At no age are you suddenly frozen, unable to do the things that drive you. You shouldn’t ever get to a point where you just really have given up.

    Life is short to those of us who only get to spend so long with certain people. People we wish for to be around forever, who leave us entirely too soon. Taking some of us with them. But the earth still turns. The sun still rises. The birds still sing and the clouds still rain.

    Does that make your life invaluable? No. Because to someone who loved you, although the world still goes on, it never goes on in the same way. Your marks are left everywhere.

    But the good things remain the good things. The bad things remain the bad things. No matter what happens here.

    I’ll still love the rain. I won’t let you down. I’ll still write. I won’t let her win. I’ll take care of everything, I’ll fight for everything. The tears will stream from my eyes like oceans falling from the earth, but my smiles will mean that much more because I’ll know exactly who gave it to me.

    I know it’s inevitable to lose you. I know it’s inevitable to lose people. I know I’ve lost people. And I know how it feels. But you have to rise above, they may take a piece of you with them but you need to take a piece of them with you as well. You don’t entirely let anyone go. Parts of them become embedded in you.

    There’s always these constants in the world, but nothing really is constant and nothing really is forever. I choose to live my life without fear of what is to come, but to embrace every arrow and rejoice with every song. For some arrows are to strengthen you and even some songs may bring you down. But it all teaches you. It all teaches you that nothing is forever. Not pain. Not even happiness.

    There isn’t some grand day out there waiting for us where everything is blissful and perfect. Hardships are as constant as the moon each night. You mustn’t have an attitude of waiting, but an attitude of constantly moving. Moving forward, making everything out of nothing and making everything matter.

    For everyone will leave you, but they can only leave because they once were with you. Think of these things. Of these blessings. Of these opportunities.

    Take life by the hand and although you can’t control it, you can embrace it. That’s what I’m doing.

    I believe you can as well.

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