• Astral Projection

    by  • January 12, 2017 • * Safe for Work *, God • 0 Comments

    So…I decided to try it out. I had been feeling under the weather for a couple of days; rather I felt bad for an entire month. But I swear to you everything that I am about to tell you is true. First I had started off by balancing my chakras. From Root all the way up to crown I felt myself in a pool of energy with each breath that got stronger and stronger with each second. I felt my mind clear, and I felt it easier to keep my eyes shut. I had my headphones in and I had played some binaural beats for me to help me concentrate because in all honesty I didn;t find myself in a state where I could relax quick enough.
    Anyways I was finishing up my Chakras and I swear. I absolutely swear I subconsciously told myself that I was going to astral project my body. (That was my intent before I had started this whole shazam). Anyways I completed my Chakra cleansing and I noticed something. Something that has never happened to me after a mindful meditation. usually, I would feel a natural body high and I would smile and then take one last deep breath and then continue on with my life. But no not this time something felt very different. Very powerful.
    I was communicating with myself, and with my guides. I said “Allow me. Give me the energy and I shall return favor.” After that I really felt myself pushing out of my body. I felt my mind and all my energy start to roll away from me but then I snapped. I laid back up from my bed and I opened my eyes.
    The bedroom lights were off but I swear I saw through my eyelids that they were still on when I entered this trance. I felt a bit of an itchy feeling throughout my body for about 2 seconds, and a cold shiver through my body. I covered my mouth in awe…Whether I was really about to astral project or whether I was about to fall asleep I don’t think that I will know until I try again.
    I want to tell my friends right away…But they would think im crazy.

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