• My fantasy last night

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    I pulled up in my driveway and you were sitting on the porch. You were wearing a dress looking gorgeous as ever. I invited you in and offered you coffee to get out of the cold. I walked into the kitchen to make the coffee. You took your jacket off and sat on the couch.we were both nervous, it’s been awhile since we had seen each other, but yet we felt that familiar comfortable feeling we’ve always had with one another. It’s as if we had never stopped talking.

    I walked out of the kitchen and said “coffee she is making!” I looked at you. You didn’t say a word. You had your dress hiked up to the top of your thighs. You motioned with your finger for me to come to you. The look on your face made my body weaken with passion. I walked over to you. You leaned to me and wrapped your arms around my waist. I placed my hands on your shoulders then took my hand and placed it under your chin to lift your eyes to mine. “Everything is ok.” I said as our eyes locked. You responded with a little smile as you pulled me closer to you. You started to unbuckle my belt. My hand grabs your hair. The looks of lust, longing and needing each other on our faces. You pull my pants down to mid thigh. I go ahead and take them off as you leaned back on the couch and spread those long, sexy legs. Your panties soaked with your wet. I kneel down onto the couch. My leg now pressing up against your warm body. You grab my ass and pull me onto you harder. You start thrusting hard as you moan. My body aching to make love to you. I lift your face to me. Your eyes closed. We start kissing hard and deep. I place my aching body on your thighs thrusting hard. Trying to relieve ache that goes to my core. Your moans and mine make a language only you and I speak. You slide yourself onto your back. Digging your nails in deeper as you grab my ass harder. I reach down and remove your panties. “ohhhh your soo wet and warm up against my skin. I want inside you badly. You want inside me. Your eyes piercing right through me, mine through you. As our eyes are locked we penetrate each other. Thrusting hard. Kissing harder. I lean down and whisper in your ear ” I need you K*#&!%!” Your reply ” oh E@&!/÷ I need you”.

    To be continued

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