• It feels good to love you

    by  • January 9, 2017 • * Safe for Work *, Short -n- Sweet • 0 Comments

    Same old thing to start with… I miss you 🙂 badly

    But this time is healthy dou 🙂 the healthy blue. I said it once already [ the title <changed ]

    . Smile xD * but the original is always better ikr '' it feels good to have you''

    🙂 oh and it's January . I don't remember when you said her bday was but it was somewhere there in January ,close to yours … You don't need to drink alone this year :))

    I also joined Bandcamp… just found the site by some coincidence. The songs reminding me of you, I'm in [Discovery- experimental-…-beautiful wave '74] btw.

    Life goes slow here… Do you think about me sometimes ? Is it still on the wall ? It's ok to not think about me but I won't forgive you if you forget about me . I'll look for you when I'm sure I can keep you. You said I can have you so you have to keep me even when I failed to get rid with my bubbly, clingy and needy sides. :O

    Tbh I think too that I'm crazy af…haven't met you, even worse got ditched but nvm … Love is in the air

    Love you xD Always

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