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    It’s been just over two years since you unceremoniously dumped me in the middle of my family’s Christmas party. Thank god it was over the phone because I wouldn’t have survived the embarrassment otherwise. It’s been about a year and a half since you called me a stalker and threatened me with legal action for asking to meet you to return your things when I moved to your city for graduate school.

    I didn’t move there for you, but honestly I had hoped that you might decide you had missed me and that you wanted to take me back. That didn’t happen so I learned to move on, but it was so hard that I felt like dying every time I saw you or your family out and about.

    Curse that one horse town.

    But now I’ve graduated. I don’t have to worry about seeing you or your family every time I go to the grocery store or out to a movie with friends. I don’t have to see you with your girlfriend doing all the same things that we used to do.

    I am finally free of you.

    Maybe you loved me and maybe you didn’t. All I know is that you made my life worse when you promised to make it better. I’m not angry anymore, but I sure as hell won’t be sending you a Christmas card any time soon.

    If we have to work together in future, I promise I won’t let on that we know each other.

    Ancient history.

    Not even.

    Goodbye, King of Wands.

    I’m off to find my King of Hearts.


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