• Dear want-to-be-pilots;

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    The things that will get you to quit the job aren’t the ones you’d think would.
    It’s the 5am wake up, then people wonder why you have no time for people at 5pm.
    It’s the countless passengers who stuff the one bag as full as possible, because two bags is too much to carry.
    It’s the weeks away from home doing rotations, most likely living with the captain you’ll be flying with.
    It’s the same talks with the captains every time you fly together.
    It’s the same way management tries to change everything every couple of months, only for it to all go back again.
    It’s the holidays that you bid on & lose due to hierarchy.
    It’s the holidays that get cut short due to hierarchy.
    It’s the way you always got to talk to same people about same things, because they never learned the first 108 times you talked about it.
    Most importantly, it’s the way you’re never home, even when you are. Because you’re constantly on call, always waiting for that cell to ring. Saying to be up ASAP, because what’s the point of given someone 1 hr notice.

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