• Why do we hurt?

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    Today I was feeling giddy and elated because of the music I was listening to, My sister came over for some kind of work which i had to do for her and after listing to the song(using speakers) she said that the music I listened to was liked by people who are lonely and these songs would give me a false sense of companionship and that i was alone, that I had no friends and no one liked me
    I know she said this to hurt me… And it did, the words she said still brings tears to my eyes. The sad truth is I feel this way normally. What’s worst I feel is that even after knowing this she says these thing knowing it will hurt me, but why? Because she can.
    This letter is not about me being lonely… But a reminder, to tell me that there are people who would go out of their way to hurt others.
    I have been wondering for a while… Why do people have a tendency to hurt and be hurt?
    I feel that happiness is just lack of pain and other emotions.
    Our natural state is happiness.
    I am not talking about the joy we get over jokes.. But the tiny, natural grin which forms over our faces when we see kids smile at us, warm and cozy feeling on cold night, that fuzzy felling we get spending time with close friends without speaking anything..
    People who try to hurt others are looking for the superficial kind gotten by trod ding on others feeling. Words are powerful they have the power to nourish and destroy… But they cannot heal.

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      Very similar shower musings on happiness myself.

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