• I Miss You

    by  • January 6, 2017 • * Safe for Work *, Acceptance • 1 Comment

    I miss you. I probably always will. I truly loved you. I probably always will. I can’t tell you though. You wouldn’t respond. I guess you never felt the same. I already gave you a second chance. So I left it in your hands this time. I gave up right before Christmas. You didn’t leave me any other choice. I wish you would have the balls. Instead, I’ll go with those who respond. At least I know they care. At least they respond. My love never died. I’ll just convince myself to move on. Soul-mate lost due to neglect. You needed to step up.

    – Yours –

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    One Response to I Miss You

    1. Heartshards
      January 22, 2017 at 11:40 am

      True soulmates are never lost. Personally, I wouldn’t step up for someone so easy to give up either. Relationships are hard and take work. When it’s meant to be, you can’t just walk away.



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