• To the love of my life,

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    Dear babes,
    You don’t even know how much I love you. You are literally the guy of my dreams. I’m so happy I found you and I am so happy you are just as much in love with me as I am with you and I’m so happy you love me the same way I love you! Sometimes I feel like you are to good to be true because I think you are soo much better looking than I am, looks and body wise. But you tell me that I’m perfect all the time and it melts my heart! I can’t believe that what was supposed to be a one night stand turned into such an amazing and wonderful relationship. I thought I was in love with my ex I thought he was the one, but now that I’m with you I realized that I was sooooo unhappy with him. And that I nver truly loved him. Our relationship is sooo different my ex literally never told me he loved me, never showed affection and with us, you told me you love me 2 weeks after we made it official and I told you I love you back. You tell me you love me everyday and your sooo affectionate it’s amazing and what I’ve always wanted! I know that what we have is real even though I jumped from one relationship to another within about 2 months. I know what we have is real because I never felt like this before. I admit I was scared about getting into another relationship and possibly getting hurt or disappointed again but I’m happy I did because you are the love of my life. l know we’ve only been dating for a few months but I’m seriously so in love with you. I can’t believe how lucky I got with you. You make me sooooo incredibly happy sometimes I feel like this is all a dream and I’m gonna wake up soon but it’s not! we both don’t ever really see us getting into fights and I really hope that’s true because I don’t know what I would do if I ever lost you. Because this feeling is the best feeling in the world and losing you would just break my heart into a million pieces and I probably would never ever able to fix it. I will never find a love like we have ever again. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I just really hope and pray that us moving soo fast and living together soo quickly will not ruin us, i would be so heartbroken. I love you with all my heart forever and always

    Love, the love of your life

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