• The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree

    by  • January 2, 2017 • Anger • 0 Comments


    I doubt you’d be that surprised to hear that even now i still hear people talk shit about you behind your back. After all you are a pretty nasty woman. I guess its no shock your daughter turned out the same way. You know she ruined my life right? Between the lies she spread about me to my no-longer friends to her uncanny habit of crushing my heart right before finals every fucking semester, man you really did a good job with her. The fucked up thing is I know how much she enjoyed hurting me, probably because of all of her hatred for men that you embedded in her from an early age. I have loved her for years and I can guarantee you no one will ever love her as much as I do. And look what I’ve gotten for my commitment, loyalty, and always treating her like a goddamned princess. Absolutely fucking nothing. She won’t even fucking talk to me. So fuck both of you.

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