• No wonder

    by  • January 2, 2017 • Bitch! • 4 Comments

    You think youre so cool with your alternative lifestyle. Yeah right. You’re a fucking cliche. “Oh, daddy left so I’m going to be a lesbo so men can’t hurt me anymore because they’re clearly all the same as my shitty father”. Real fucking original bitch.

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    4 Responses to No wonder

    1. An asshole
      January 3, 2017 at 8:16 am

      I kicked a guy like you out of my life some years ago. In fact, if you are also the author of the letter below this one on this website, you very well could be him, upset that I didn’t tell you happy new year even though I haven’t talked to you in years, you scary fuck. Thanks for reminding me that cutting him lose remains among the top best decisions I’ve ever made in life. Oh, and happy new year.


    2. author
      January 4, 2017 at 10:56 pm

      I find your implication that we know each other hard to believe for two reasons. First, if you were the person I wrote this letter to, you would have no reason to be on this site except that you still cared about me, which, clearly from the tone of the letter, I am not strongly of the opinion right now. Second, the person I wrote this letter to is loathe to actually communicate about real issues, much preferring to senselessly fight ad nauseum. Actually, in that regard, I guess it could be you.

      All that being said, if this was really you, your response begs one question from me. How is it possible that you are seemingly unaware of what it is you did that set me off? This wasnt you just ignoring me for a holiday, or at any other time for that matter, for which I am well accustomed. You actually did something, on December 30, to be clear, and Im wondering if you just get some kind of amnesia when you hurt me so that you can feel good about yourself, or what am I missing? Feel free to educate me if this makes sense to you.


    3. Eye rolling
      January 5, 2017 at 2:01 am

      Wow, men really have no clue about homosexuality, do they? They get real butthurt about lesbians for some reason. Cracks me up, every fucking time to hear this broken record shit from some wankers mouth, like he understands anything about sexuality and that he even thinks he has something to do with anything in life. Get over your fucking self and get an education. Dumb fuck.


    4. the asshole
      January 7, 2017 at 12:13 am

      I’m sorry, man. I’m not her. Perhaps it would help you to know that I ignored the former friend your letters evoke for me because it was clear to me that he was fixated on me and was better off without me in his life. We did some fighting back and forth to reach that point, and then he became scary. He needed psychological help, not me. Don’t mistake this for an anonymous claim that I think you need these things. You write much better than he ever did. There is some clarity behind your anger. I don’t know what she did, but she’s probably fucking with you. And it’s working. Ignore her. Your expression leaves much to be desired but you probably deserve better.



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