• To my used to be precious person

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    Dear J,
    I was writing everyone a message about how important they are in my life but you’re not in my mine anymore but.. Honestly you made such an impact in my life.. We met 3 years ago but it felt like I’ve known you forever. At first we were just friends who always joked around but then along the way, our feelings changed. You were my first relationship and the first guy I liked so much.. To the point where I was in love with you. I adored you so much, you made me so happy. You were my sunshine, i didn’t know you could feel this much for a person. Of course we had our problems, but we always worked through them. We knew so much about each other, deepest, darkest secrets but neither of us ran Away. We both stayed and supported and helped each other. But then along the way, we started seeing each others flaws and imperfections which we couldn’t deal with anymore. We were hurting each other and many tears were spilled. Everything was dark and negative. Fights happened, lots of words had been said that shouldn’t have been, many on/offs happened and everything just faded. Our story became a mess and I don’t want to continue it anymore neither do you. 3 years later and it finally ended. We have too many tears and scars in our history which we can never look past… You were my person. You were everything to me. And now you’re not but that’s okay.. I hope in 2017, our story never gets picked up and ends as a bad ending. I don’t want to be in your life anymore nor do I want you in my life. I always wondered why did we end and I still do but I guess we just weren’t meant to be. Maybe in another universe , we are a happy,healthy couple. But in this one, we go our separate ways. I’ll always remember our good memories as well as bad and know that our relationship was real and that the feelings weren’t artificial. I hope you well and hope you have a wonderful, happy life in 2017 and so on..

    Love, the person who thought you were the one.

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