• Snowflake

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    My dearest love,

    I’m freezing in this world outside our bubble.
    How low was the temperature when he gave you his gloves? Are my hands freezing right now just as much as yours back then? I keep wondering how long did your soft hands freeze..

    Love, I wanna get inside. I don’t want to stay out here any longer.

    What are you doing? How are you feeling? Are you painting? Are you warm? You need to wear another shirt. I know you are wearing a short sleeve t-shirt. You know that’s not enough to keep you warm. It’s winter. You’ll catch a cold. I don’t want you to catch a cold. Are you taking your tea? Is it with strawberry or sth else, i don’t know about?. Or perhaps, you are sleeping. If so, I wanna cover your body with your blanket. I know you always make it to fall down, but maybe this time it is not you. Maybe it’s C, who jumped on bed. I wonder how she is or whether you are holding the teddy bear I gave you.. Did you still cover the place around your lips with little pieces of chocolate or you didn’t try them at all just because they are from me?

    My love, I still wanna meet you. Will you wait for me on the train station?
    Wait for me there…

    It’s cold..

    People here think that you can’t fall in love with somebody you never met. They just think that it’s simply not possible. I wish I could make them see differently. I wish I could just show you to them, so they’d understand that love is possible in whatever form it is. I wish I could tell them that one can still have two arms around their body and a beating heart against their chest. I wish I could tell them how hearing each other’s breath through our earphones mended our whole being and put it in soft serenity. I wish I could tell them that we were right beside each other in everything we did, even when we kept a free place next to us on the bus. I wish I could tell them about the goodies we shared together or when we bought food twice. I wish I could tell them about the rose I could never sent you by post and how badly you still wanted some dead petals of it. I wish I could tell them how painful and so genuinely beautiful love can be, even when you never physically met. I wish I could tell them that all the obstacles are of no importance. That Love is love. But I’m not ready for it. Im not ready for this.

    I hope you are not watching a nightmare.. If so, i hope he holds you tight and start telling you a fairytale.. The tale of “The little Prince”, perhaps..
    or maybe sing you a lullaby

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