• Ocean Calling

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    It’s cold. Perfect time of year right now. Everything that’s happened and everything that’s yet to happen, needs to be put to rest. My mind needs space.

    I want to go to the ocean. I want to play those songs. Those psychedelic, spiritually enticing songs that just make me feel as though I need to play them by the ocean.

    I want to let myself soak in the saltwater, let it cleanse me of everything. For the last time I was there I was not ready to let go. I was not ready to let the water cleanse me. Admiring the beauty yet ignoring what it was telling me. I insulted it’s power. I wished for her to be there with me. When that is what the water wanted to lift from me, take it to the ocean floor. I heard it loud and clear. But I was not ready.

    I am now. I am more ready then ever before, I feel it calling to me.

    I want to submerge myself in peace, in isolation, I need quiet. Quiet and the sound of the ocean waves, no one to cause chaos. I can’t go against fate any longer. It’s time I go back to where all life came from. To bury a side of myself, for it’s guidance to take me forward.

    Oceans before meant so much. Ocean. The day it embraced me and I fell willingly back in. After the ocean itself advised me. And I disregarded the power in it all, I believed I was a force strong enough to take it onto myself.

    It’s time I return. To where I was when I was someone else, and someone else inhabits here now.

    It’s time I return, put every letter I’ve written into a bottle and throw them into sea. Return them to where they belong, the element that birthed them. For what belongs to the sea will always return.

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