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    Has never been great. Lung infections, ear infections. It’s particularly rough during the Winters. The coughing leaving me sleepless for night after night, the wheezing would make me sound like a chew toy. It gets so bad I fear I’ll cough myself to death.

    Since my insurance lapsed for medical coverage it put me in a spot this round but luckily my neighbor is a nurse. She gave me some antibiotics that seem to be working and some home made soup. This year it was nice to have help during this time.

    It doesn’t take much, some one can sneeze in my general direction, a grimy table at a bar. It develops way more severely than it should.

    My mother in law is right with her health tips.

    The routine of the illness is exhausting.

    I saw doctors frequently in my teens. They could never land on a firm diagnosis, though chronic bronchitis was suggested…I don’t down it it happens frequently enough for me to call it chronic.

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