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    well you see there is a guy he is my bf. I love him he is amazing and sweet. He gets me. I have had a few boyfriends in the past who were not like this. The Ex’s they forced me to do things and they were users they used me. One even cheated on me because he liked a different girl dont you think you should have told me? But that’s ok I have someone better then all of my ex’s he loves and cares about me he would do anything for me. We talk a lot and i love talking to him we have our little wars on who picks the game or who loves who more. Well let me tell you He is the best thing i could ask for god knew what he was doing. And if him and i ever do break up we have promised to always be friends no matter what. He makes me so happy. There are a few girls who flirt with him which is fine but if they try anything else they will be dead because he is mine and i love him. When i see him his eyes light up and i feel safe once again. A lot of people are saying they have never seen him happier when he is with me. They say he is so happy and he talks about me all time. He ditches friends to hang with me witch makes me know he would rather be with me and help me then goof off. He really has matured. I love his eyes they sparkle he knows what to say and when to say it. When i tell him something he knows what i mean, If I’m sad he knows how to make me happy. His smile will light my day no matter what. He makes me feel amazing. When he hold my hand i feel the love and he cares so much about me. When he kiss I get little chills down my back the good kind makes me want more of his kiss. He holds me tight and knows when I’m upset i love him so much he is the best thing i couldn’t ask for more.

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