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    Dear Elly,

    It’s nice here. I’m sitting in the library coffee shop looking out over the harbour. Before this I went skating on the outdoor oval, then for sushi. It’s sunny and not too cold, but very windy, which makes it seem like you are skating uphill. Earlier I played tennis indoors with K, an old tennis friend, who I’ve known for about 10 years. So a really nice day, except I’m missing you.

    I kind of expected to see you this morning, but I guess your ribs are still painful and that’s why you stayed home. I sent you a quick message to let you know I’m thinking of you, even though I’m pretty sure it will just disappear into your growing pile of unread messages.

    God I miss the sex. Every time I see you I remember how good it was, how sweet you were, how beautiful and sensual. I keep going back to the recordings – my birthday, your birthday, the shower, watermelon t-shirt… It makes me think you still love me. I should stop.

    Here’s an idea. Let’s watch your favorite recordings together. What do you think of that? You would probably just be bored or embarrassed. Then again, they feature you looking gorgeous, so you might enjoy that.



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