• Twin Flame

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    You are my twin flame.
    I recognized you instantly.
    In a photo on my friend’s desk.
    I practically begged to meet you, this beautiful woman in the photo.
    I knew you were the one instantly.
    The synchronicities were unavoidable. My passion
    for you consumed my soul.
    We were one soul. I told you when I was still a teen that I would love you forever. I said you were the yin to my yang in a school project about family. See, I knew even then that you are my souls equal.
    So why now are we still waiting to reunite? We split and you married the next soulmate on the journey. I…on the other hand have prolonged traditional commitment because I can see that soulmates lead us back and help us remember who we are.
    I’ve received your telepathic communications. You’ve asked me to wait and I am. You are my soul’s equal what else can I do but wait? I’m always waiting. Secretly waiting while I live with someone who is not you. Is this life? To live with a soulmate and long for my twin flame? I assure you it splits my intentions in different directions and I feel confused. I won’t fill this letter with well wishes and lies about being happy for your marriage to another. I do hope your soulmate has given you the gifts you need for your souls growth but I hope the road leads back to us. This is my SOS. My spiritual flare into the cosmos. You’ve asked me to wait and I have all this time floating in the sea waiting for a rescue. I live with the secret that I love you and only you. Sure I love others also but not like I love you. We are of one soul. I surrender to my truth that I love you, that I search for you in every crowd and every woman that intrigues me reminds me of you. All I want above all is to be with you again while we are still young. I love no one as passionately and all soul consuming as you. You are my twin flame. I recognized you instantly.

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    1. D
      December 27, 2016 at 1:59 pm

      If only this were for me…

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