• The Letter for The Goodbye I never got to say

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    It’s nearly 10 years that I would have known you for. 10 years of my life that you could have been a part of.
    You made out for me to be the villain and for you to be the victim but I only followed my heart instead of my head half the time. That’s what it was though. Time… something you never ever ever gave me and yet you still have the audacity to play the victim.
    I would be the one coming to you whenever I had the chance yet I never got a thank you!? You had ways of coming to see me yet the excuse was ‘I’ve got this to do’, ‘I’ve got that to do’. I always tried to understand why you were so busy but I’ll never get it?!
    You’ve destroyed me Abdul, but I will get back on my feet again and make something of myself. I will not be the bitch you make me out to be! I promise you I will make time for the ones who need me because I can tell you truthfully 100% I whole-heartedly know how it is when the person you love does not give you their time. Because of you I will let my children mess up as many times as they want as long as they get on the right path after it all. I won’t ever judge a person because even the ‘good guys’ fuck you over and over again and again. Our pact? Such cheekiness to even bring that up! You have disappointed me so badly honestly I thought you were the one but you’re not.
    I can’t help but miss you every second of every minute though and it kills. I wish I could just say this to your face but that’s never going to happen. I hope one day though you realise I never was the bitch. I was just young and foolish following my heart instead of my head. You know I loved you, I still do.

    I always will love you but I am so disappointed in you talking shit behind my back. To the guy I never thought would turn his back on me and chat shit about me, thank you for making me realise you’re nothing special and you’ll fuck me over worse than the others.

    N.B. Go ask the exes why it ended. who’s name was involved all the time. Which person did I choose that fucked me over eventually?

    It was always you but not anymore

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