• My past

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    Well here’s the thing i always seem like this happy and down to earth girl who always seems to be in a perfect world. Well i have something to tell all of you i have things i hide. The things i hide is my past i don’t like to relive my past because of what happened. I’m writing this bc well i know some of you other girls have gone through this before, too. Well let me say you’re not alone girl on what I’m about to talk about is a soft spot for me so plz don’t tell me that i just want attestation or something because i don’t. i hate what happened to me but it did and it got me to where i am now. I am adopted and I’m 16, a girl. A very sweet, loving, and caring girl is how people describe me as. I try to help others when I’m in need myself but I’m a giving person. i don’t like much help because when i show emotions i only get hurt i have learned that in my past. Well, here goes. Before i was adopted i had a mom she was more like a prostate she did it with other men, almost a different guy every night. They came in and they threw my sisters and i out of our beds just to do it. All my sisters and i got to eat was ketchup packets. My older sister always tried to take care of me. now this is where it gets hard to talk about. So my step dad before i was adopted his name was jeff. He was my step dad and one night i was in my room. My little sister was with our mom in the living room. My older sister went to get something. My step dad got so mad at me he started to beat me up he gave me a black eye. But what i forgot to tell you guys something my step dad liked to take me into showers and sexually touch and abuse me in any way he could. I’m a girl who is always happy who no one knows her past well now someone does and i hope i helped you guys know you’re not alone. I’m in the same boat. But here is a nether thing before i was adopted I was put in foster care about 9 different homes always thinking i would never ever be adopted maybe no one wanted me then one day one beautiful day i prayed to god for a family. We got put in this house were the people were amazing and sweet and kind i loved them this is the house we are in now my home. I have a mom and a dad. I love my life even tho i still have thoughts about the past its not as bad because i know my step dad is dead he died in prison and my mom I’m not to worried about but she lives about 20 min form us. The thing is i know my mom has other kids i kinda wanna meet them my bothers and sisters i know she had some abortion, But if it were not for my past i would not have meet the best grandma i could have ever asked for she passed away about 3 years ago it still does not feel real. I loved her she was my best friend and now she is gone. But I’m here to tell you it does get better I’m in a happy life i have the best bf i could ask for he gets me and loves me i have An amazing family. Don’t let your past get to you because it does get better it really does. I love you for who you are don’t change for anyone. If you write a comment down below on something you need help with i’ll help you i can give you my number or my email or something so i cant help you. But thanks for listing

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