• I’m Mad at You

    by  • December 27, 2016 • * Safe for Work *, Anger • 0 Comments

    I’m mad at you AV. We use to be the best of all three friends. But when i was going through a rough patch you left me for JL. Everyone loves you two, you guys are the most popular in our social group. And what am I? Even more hurt and angry and damaged than I originally was.

    I’m mad at you, JL. We used to be friends, but you took AV and left me in the dust, anyone in friendless. I hate you more than life itself.

    I’m mad at you, MI. We were happy and you ended it. I’m mad at you’re friends, bullying us to the point of where you thought i was better off without you. I’m not.

    I’m mad ay you SH, for making me love you, and being a factor of why I’m so unstable in relationships. I will never lose my feelings for you.

    I’m mad at you SZ. I admired you. And what did you do? You talked shit to the point where everyone hated me just because we both liked SH.

    I’m mad at you mom. I try to love you, but you make me miserable, along with my dad. I hate you for making me inherent your mental disorder. You are completely and totally insane.

    I’m mad at you DC. You took my last friend away from me. You two love each other, but who will love me?

    I’m mad at you AN. Ever since you got DC, he’s all you ever talk about. You’re still my best friend.

    I’m mad at you world. Why do you make everyone hate me? It all started with AV and JL, and they only left me because they made new, better friends who smiled and laughed obnoxiously loud more often. Now it’s everyone, and I am alone.

    I’m mad at me. You desperately want friends, but yet you chase everyone off with your anger, fear, and sadness. You must you be this way?

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