• Courthouse Bloodbath

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    The air was cold, exactly how I like it. It’s my favorite time of the year that is coinciding with the worst time of my life. The cold never reaches my skin, but today it did. Today I felt so uncomfortably cold I felt as though I had spent the last few months in a freezer.

    I walked up the familiar stairs and into the painfully quiet atmosphere. So many people. So many stories. You can almost feel their heads swirling with their own realities of their situations. But today, mine had to have been the loudest.

    I walked down the hallway. Unsure of who I would see. I knew the person I would be seeing. But the many versions of the demons that thrive within her? No one could predict it.

    She was standing there. I stood there. She would not even look at me. She would not even acknowledge my existence. I stood tall. I stood strong. She had brought me down herself too many times to see it again. She could not hurt me there. So I had no fear. Just pure terror at the reality of her actions and the truth of this situation.

    We walk in and we all sit down. Opposite sides of the room. Sitting with her back to me. He goes up to her and says. “That’s your daughter, you remember?” No response. Not even a look.

    I start hearing talk. Conversation of words that have haunted me since the day I first heard them. Since the day I had to be ripped from my home. I left the room.

    I return into the hallway and it’s happening again. Lies have prevailed and what was promised to never happen again happened. It was a blur. My heart pounded. My legs felt weak. She was not there to see me lose my footing. She had gone by then. But she didn’t have to be there. She might as well have said the words to me herself.

    It was silent. It was fast. It was a wave coming in so strong and so big that it swept you off your feet before you even knew what hit you. Who would’ve thought this. That an ocean could be controlled. Keeping the salt from the sea. It just cannot be done.

    No words were spoken to me. They didn’t have to be.

    No shots were fired. I was cut down regardless.

    She wouldn’t even look at me but she might as well have. The daggers were nonexistent but pierced me endlessly.

    It is as though Mother Nature has decided to rip apart her own creation. Take the sun right from the sky. No reasoning. No explanation.

    But what will inevitably come to light, is no life, not even the one who’s trying to destroy it all, can survive by remorselessly shooting down every last living good thing. What are you then left with?

    A world with no sun. For when you realize you made a mistake, the sun won’t even want to return. It has moved on to a whole other world, a whole other existence.

    And it will take the stars and moon with it. For what belongs to the sky, stays with the sky.

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