• Never Again

    by  • December 23, 2016 • Breaking Up • 0 Comments

    I dreamt about you last night.
    You were standing at my bedroom doorway, looking perfect in that white shirt, loosened tie and black trousers. I remember gazing deep into your eyes as I pulled you towards me. You had this smell of cigars and cheap perfumes, a drug for my senses. I pulled you a bit more closer, allowing our lips to meet as I slowly started unbuttoning your shirt. You tasted of vodka and weed and I knew you would wake up with no memories of tonight. But for once, I didn’t care. I felt the ripped muscles on your back as you unzipped my dress. I pushed You away and stepped back a little, exposing my black lingerie to you. I smirked as I saw you eyeing my breasts greedily. I remember you coming Towards me taking me in your arms. I let out a little chuckle as you dropped me softly on my bed. I felt that little kiss on my neck. I felt the warmth of your body on mine. Your breath really did take my breath away. I was a little hypnotised by that tiny glitter on your black eyes and maybe that’s the reason why I didn’t realise when you unhooked my bra. I remember you licking My breasts slowly, indulging yourself in its taste. I felt your tongue going down, down, down on my body till it reached my waist. And there I was, lying Naked with nothing but a choker on my bare body. I saw you pulling down your trousers and within seconds I had the man I loved on me. The man no longer mine. We had nothing on that night. No masks of hatred and no clothes that covered our emotions. We weren’t the two pasts that we claimed to forget. We weren’t Akash and Niti or any other name the world knows us as. We were just two bare bodies functioning as one. I remember you talking about your dreams. You wanted to fly. I giggled at how childish it sounds. And that’s when I revealed my dream. I didn’t want this night to end. For the morning will again lead me into the darkness. And just like I did, you laughed at my dream too.
    I stopped telling you about my dreams when I realised I was still in them.
    I dreamt about you last night and I hope to never dream about you again.

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