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    I know it’s over now. It ended like a nightmare, I’d say I’m sorry but you aren’t so what’s the point. I miss the person I thought I knew but it doesn’t matter anymore. Related Post Coffee Noone said LOVE was easy He left me for a sweatpants wearing dragqueen! And...


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    Why did I choose you. The one who’s older. The one who wears his Letterman like its his favorite article of clothing. The one who takes so much pride in his football performance. The one who graduates in 5 months or maybe next year. Why. If I could ever figure it out, I’d bring myself

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    C, a lot of times, we hear that love is chaotic, passionate, boring, unpredictable. But is love ever unkind? Noncommunicative? Diminishing? Self loathing? I never know where I stand with you, or what your intentions are in our relationship. I get that distance is hard, but I told you I never wanted to do this