• To whom

    by  • December 20, 2016 • * Safe for Work *, One Night Stand • 0 Comments

    (no wait, too cliché. quick, quick think of something better to say. hi, hello, hey, hiya; alternatives to the same greeting word that holds universes inside of it)
    So hey, I like hey. You’re silent lately. Has it only been days, really?! In my head we’re dancing somewhere, and you’re too shy too kiss me so I grab you by the hand and lead the way. Before I sleep with my eyes closed, we two are cuddling up in your bed and you’re whispering sweet (every)things. Holding me tighter. I’m sweaty, but don’t let go just yet. I think I haven’t told you about all the fun we have together while I’m in class. What?! It’s only in my head? Well, I drank the belly-warming wine again last night, and your voice rushed in my memory pretty much as quick as you, when you texted to know how I was the morning after. I’m quite sure it sounded like your real voice Everything has been “after” since that night. You texted me. There were footprints in my notes, books all over my bedroom floor and the heavy air was suffocating me; my head was dancing backwards. But you still texted me. Not anymore. Have a happy Christmas. Last seen today at 01.55. Online. Writing..

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