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    Are taking a drive. Your sitting in the passenger seat looking gorgeous as usual and your perfume makes the car smell wonderful. I’m driving, but finding it hard not to keep looking at you. I am needing/wanting your touch. I reach over and grab your hand and set it on my leg. We both smile as our eyes meet for a second. The sun is setting. Its cold out. Music playing ( its playing low so I can maybe catch the sound of your breathing ). You slide your hand up and down my leg, giving a little squeeze. I look over at you. You have that look on your face that I love when your feeling chemistry fill the air. It makes my body start to long for more of your touch. I can hear your breathing getting harder and faster. I can see your heartbeat by your pulse on the side of your neck. Now I’m finding it difficult to drive as my eyes want to shut with feelings of intense wanting/needing to make love to you. You lean over and start kissing me, letting out a moan so subtle but enticing. You move to my neck as your hand grabs my belt buckle. You get my belt undone and you whisper in my ear ” I’m want inside”. My legs spread open and I reach over and grab your leg with my free hand. You put your mouth to my ear and say ” your soooo wet “. I slide my hand up your leg and under your dress as your fingers slide inside of me. My eyes roll and close as my head leans back on the head rest. My hand touches your soaked panties. I pull the car over and place it in park. A thousand cars driving past us, but we don’t care. Your thrusting hard inside of me. I move your panties to one side and slide inside of you. I can feel your body shaking. We start to kiss hard, sloppy and deep. I lay my seat back. My pants now down to my ankles. Your panties are off. You climb on top of me. I grab your ass hard and pull you onto me hard. Both of us about to cum. We are eye locked.

    We hear a knock on the window. A flashlight shines through. It’s a cop. He tells us to get our clothes back on and step outside. We keep thrusting hard, ignoring his command. We both cum hard as sweat rolls off our bodies. I look at you and say “I think we are going to need bailing out “! We both laugh as we put our clothes back on. Step out of the car. I tell the cop “she was giving me CPR officer”! He let’s out a grin with a chuckle and says “you girls need to fix that headlight and the next time you have an emergency put your hazard lights on. I’m giving you a warning this time only cause you made me laugh. You girls get home and finish that CPR. I look at him and say “thank you officer, but we both finished already”! We look at each other laugh and get back in the car. We head home. 🙂

    Your secret admirer.

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