• let me ( last night fantasy) rated R

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    Ease some of that tension.

    I’m sitting on the couch. You walk in and I can see you’ve had a rough day. I spread my legs and motion you to come sit in between them. You sit. I start to massage your shoulders. You roll your head. Candle light lights up the side of your neck and face. Your warm body up against my legs is making my body arouse. I can feel my nipples get hard, my breathing more rapid and I’m sooo wet. I ask you to take off your shirt to get a better grip. You take your shirt off and I begin to massage. You moan because it feels good and tension is leaving your body. I take my hand and lift my shirt over my head, exposing my breasts. I rub them against your warm back. You start moving your back up and down rubbing against my breasts. Your breathing intensifies. I pull your head back and start kissing your neck ( you smell so good and your skin is soft as silk). You moan and it makes my body ache deep inside. I whisper in your ear ” sit back and let me taste you”. You sit back on the couch. The look of desire on your face. You spread your legs as I lift your dress and pull you towards me. Your panties are soaked. You go to remove them and I tell you “not yet”. I lean down and smell you as I kiss your inner thighs. You crab the couch cushions as your hips move in circles. You smell so good. I need to taste you! I pull your panties off and you spread your legs wider. I kiss your inner thighs and you say ” I need you inside!” I lick your lips and stroke my tongue across your wet pussy. The taste of you penetrates my tongue and my mouth waters. You grab my hair and pull me into you as you say ” fuck me!” I thrust hard inside you as you thrust hard against my mouth. Your moans going to my core. I want you badly! My pussy throbs with every thrust. I want my wet pussy rubbing yours. I want to cum all over your wet pussy. I lay you back and straddle you. I grab your leg to pull myself onto you harder. I can’t help but scream your name. You’re so aroused. Your nipples hard. You grab my ass and pull me in. Your eyes roll as you say my name. I tell you to look at me. Your hesitant at first, but your eyes meet mine. You are the most gorgeous woman in the world. Our eyes locked as we thrust. Bodies sweating, hearts beating hard. I’m about to cum all over you. I can see you are too. You say to me ” give it to me, its mine”. My head falls back and I feel my pussy contract hard as a flood of my wet flows onto your warm wet pussy. I feel your pussy contract. Your breathing stops as you force out ” you feel soooo good”! Our wet mixing together as our thrusting slows. You sit up half way as I lean to you. We kiss hard as ecstasy flows over us. I look you in the eyes and say” I am soooo in love with you”. You say “ditto” as a smile crosses your face.

    Now comes the good part.

    We get under the covers and I wrap my arms around you all night long.

    Good night my Girl!

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    1. M.e.
      June 13, 2017 at 10:32 pm

      If only…

      • Cori
        June 16, 2017 at 9:04 am

        You are
        I didn’t know
        I didn’t know.
        I’ve always known I’m yours.
        I’ve only known I’m yours.

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