• I wonder

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    How your body would react to the energy my hand releases as it slides down your spine or that leaves my lips as my mouth touches your warm skin?

    Your eyes would roll back as you try to catch your breath. Your head would fall back as your body covers in goosebumps. You stumble to find the nearest wall as your knees want to give. Your voice cracks as my name rolls from your mouth to my ear.
    Your nails would dig into my skin as you grab my ass hard to pull me in between your legs. Your body would start to shake as the energy intensifies.

    When I whisper your name you moan. It goes straight to my core. I can feel me getting more aggressive. I want you closer, but can’t seem to get close enough. I grab your face as you thrust my thigh. ” you’ve been a naughty girl haven’t you?” I turn you around and push you up against the wall. I grab your hair and pull your head back. I whisper in your ear ” you must be punished naughty girl!” Your moaning is driving my body crazy. I spank your naked ass hard. Your hands try to grab the wall. I bite your shoulder. Goosebumbs return over your entirety. I spank you again. You beg me to slip inside of you. I can feel your wet dripping down your leg. My hand slips across your pussy. So warm and wet. It makes me hungry. I start kissing the back of your neck as my grip on your hair tightens. I slide down your spine with my mouth as your begging me to slip inside. I take a bite every couple of inches on my way down. You’ve got your finger in your mouth. Your eyes shut. Tears rolling down your cheeks. You bite your lip as I bite your ass. You spread your legs wider as your body shakes. Your hips moving. Your pussy aching more the closer my mouth gets. My pussy throbbing hard as it aches to be up against yours. I stick my tongue out as I slide across your swollen wet lips. I slip inside. You grab my head with both your hands. You thrust hard as my licking get harder. Your legs shaking as they press against my cheeks. Your thrusting so hard. I latch on to your clit as you scream ” oh man you feel soooo good!”

    Enough of the for play. Now let’s make love. What do you say naughty girl?

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