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    The second year since we met I realized I liked you.
    The third year since we met we danced together.
    The fourth year since we met we still dance. You gave me your coat to wear today since I forgot mine and it was 30 degrees outside. It was 2 sizes too small but it was warm anyway.

    Everyone knows I like you. Everyone knows you like me. When people ask you about this and you deny it, and I look away, blushing and wishing you wouldn’t. So, I ask you this: do you like me? Because I do. Everyday, I like you more. Everyday, your smile makes me feel like, maybe, just maybe, I can be an amazing person.

    If you want to be friends, that’s fine. I’ll keep on liking you, but respect you. Just don’t leave me altogether. Not yet.

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    1. Peter C
      December 16, 2016 at 2:16 pm

      This is very sweet!

      Can I say though, that you are leaving a lot to chance. While you are still waiting and hoping, wishing you could act but not daring, you may already be losing your person. You are leaving a lot to the universe, to your person, and to chance. While safely doing very little yourself. Taking very little risk yourself.

      I’ve discovered that what you get back from life is usually about as much as you are prepared to put into it. If you decide you will not take risks at all, then you will get back a safe, small little life. If you take chances, speak from your heart, decide to risk, make yourself vulnerable – you will be hurt more, sure, but you will also earn a great, big, wonderful life.

      I was you once, and I was told this once, and I never believed it applied to me. I heard the words but did not allow myself the great danger of deciding the words actually applied to my life, to me. Perhaps the experience is similar for you, I don’t know. Now, two decades later, I have finally, laboriously, decided these words were always meant for me, and with small steps I am becoming more courageous. I hope you can move faster than I have.


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