• Dear husbands,

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    Take my advice. Never stop dating your wife. Especially if she is a completely selfless person. If she pours herself into you and your family and home and her career and rarely asks for anything, remember those rarely asked for things really matter to her. Make it your mission to provide them. Please.

    If you don’t, you leave the line open for another to provide her what she wants. When someone takes on that responsibility out of kindness, everything gets twisted. She them believes that he, this other man, loves her enough to make her happy. If another man gives up his chair for her so she doesn’t have to stand while you sit comfortably, you’ve got a problem. If she asks you to pick something up while you are out and you completely forget, but come back with a treat for yourself, you are sending the message that she means nothing to you. If your wife cries herself to sleep at night and you are wondering why, maybe you should make yourself a bit more aware of her wants and needs. If you feel jealous of attention she gives to another man, ask yourself if you are really deserving of her affections. Watch how he treats her and then you, her husband, treat her better.

    -I love you, but I FEEL love from him, so tell me what I should do?

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    1. Commjunicate
      December 17, 2016 at 1:29 pm

      What you should do, is lay your cards on the table. Communicate exactly what you have said here to your husband. If he doesn’t respond, or tells you to ‘get over it’ or ‘your selfish’ or ‘if you don’t like it leave’ – things my husband said to me when I communicated honestly with him that his actions made me feel less than nothing – although I never let another man near me. I was far too busy doing everything in the house, at work, at uni and with kids to be bothered with complicating things with a man. Another man will not be better than your husband – the grass is rarely greener. He will turn out just the same as the one you have now. Maybe you should go on a couples retreat or something, so your husband can remember what he actually feels about you. It’s horrible living with someone who takes your presence in their life for granted and believes that because you are married to them, they can just treat you any way they like and you will take it. talk to him.

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