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    During one of my shifts at the burger joint I was invited to a show being put on by a group that takes part in Burning Man every year. I thought, why not.. it’s something I’ve never experienced before.

    I had invited someone to go with me that evening but they bailed last minute. It took me a good while to find the place where it was going to happen, I even had to ask for directions for this warehouse that was way out of my normal city routes.

    When I got there I ordered a drink and grabbed a seat on a bench. It was a pretty big warehouse, and I was early enough that people were just starting to trickle in. During the day the warehouse was a dance/yoga studio, I overhear from someone. It had brightly colored cloth and lights, paintings draped on the walls.

    As the actors take the stage for the performance, the man playing the king points me out of the crowd. He points me out of the crowd and gestures as he would be holding a bow, he says he shall shoot his black arrow through my heart.

    I don’t remember much of the performance, I know it was lewd and bawdy, and not entirely to my taste. I remember a fake penis in there somewhere, and spotting the guy that invited me from work as a stagehand. After the performance I think there was dancing, I’ve had a few whiskey sours, there were a few other rooms where artwork was hung up and they had a dj booth.

    A man starts to /dancetalk to me. We’re not talking long, and he offers me a drink, he hid booze in his trunk. I’m close to my limit though.
    We’re flirting, and talking, he seems to know quite a few of the people around. Then we’re kissing, and we’re out by his car. I learn he has a wife and daughter, but he tells me he has an open relationship. He shows me the paddle in the trunk, and the condom in his wallet.

    We’re in his black car and my clothes are too tight. I know the windows are tinted, but I am excited by the openness of it. I see people mingling maybe ten feet from the car as he’s taking me in the back seat, as the paddle slaps my ass.

    Afterwards he asks for my information. I am uneasy about keeping in any sort of contact but I let him have my fb. He adds me later and I see pictures of his wife and daughter, his travels around the world with his wife. I can tell you from what I gather, they really did have an open relationship.

    I think he did try to arrange a hook up at some point later on but I declined. I did however take on an offer for a free pizza from his restaurant that he posted publicly. I said hello, asked if he knew anyone that was hiring and went on my way.

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    1. ...
      December 17, 2016 at 7:22 pm

      And why did you post this on a public forum?
      I mean the choice you made, knowing he has a wife and you let him…you’re disgusting. He’s just as bad. “Open relationship” my ass. If it really is that type of relationship, then why don’t you tell his wife what you both did. I DARE you.

    2. Long past
      December 18, 2016 at 3:53 pm

      The way he said was she liked to hear about these things, I’ve known people with similar arrangements. It’s not in me to mess with their family to try to create a fuss about something that they may have an arrangement for. I asked beforehand and decided to participate.

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