• I hate my job

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    Considering how hard I worked to get through school, the work I do now, for the most part it’s so demeaning. I’m so embarrassed to tell people about the specifics of what I do. And despite the long hours I work, I barely get paid enough to cover my bills. No bonuses or benefits either. I feel really worthless that this is apparently all I’m good for.

    But I tell myself, just keep going in everyday and working hard. I think I work close to you. So maybe tomorrow will be the day I run into you. And if I start saving a little money where I can, maybe 25 or 50 dollars a month, maybe I’ll be able to buy you a nice Christmas present or take you on a mini vacation some weekend, if and when you ever want to be with me. You’d deserve a lot more, but at least I could give you a little bit.

    Helps me get through the day and the week, all the times I just want to break down and cry at work.

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    1. Honest wages
      December 15, 2016 at 8:24 am

      Are nothing to be ashamed of, although from experience sometimes a work relocation is needed if somethings making you supremely unhappy at one spot.

      I hope your loved one appreciates the thought you’ve put into your gifting. I ended up making a few presents and dipping into my storage of collectibles this year to conserve finances.

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