• Decisions, decisions

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    Well I have a conundrum. I just got my bonus. Pretty healthy I must say. I could use that to buy you something SWEET for xmas, make all your friends jelly. But since you only talk to me here, and since I can’t send you a present through an anonymous website, I guess I’ll just have to treat myself.

    But what should I do? Your advice would be appreciated.

    I was thinking of upgrading the ol’ Beamer. I know you liked it a lot, but it’s already three years old, and I like the new 2017s coming out.

    I could invest it. I got a tip on Monday from my broker on a hot startup opening in January.

    Or I could make a pit stop in vegas on the way back from my annual snowboarding trip. Haven’t been back to the bellagio since Frankie’s bachelor party last year. Wow, crazy times. I’ll have to tell you about that someday if he doesn’t.

    Btw speaking of snowboarding, you really gotta let me teach you how someday. Nothing compares to grinding some fresh powder. Did vail last year (overrated!). Booked for Breckinridge this year, some of my buddies at work tell me it’s great and they’re supposed to get some serious action this year. I wish you could go with me, it’d be so much fun!

    Anyways, just missing you so much around the holidays. Hope you’re doing well!

    Your one and only,

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    1. Treat your self
      December 15, 2016 at 7:25 am

      Well I’d say if your cars in good shape and under 150k then an upgrade can wait, I don’t know much about stocks.. I’m wary about market fluctuationshare though I have gotten lectures on the value of investing in public essentials it’s just not something I’ve touched, but hey if that hot startup sounds like it’d be a successful business venture then maybe ? Hard to say when I know so little about it .
      So that leaves my vote for Vegas.


      I really enjoyed the one year I went skiing. It’s been so long now though that I’d probably be pretty clueless, many tumbles would be expected.

    2. Commjunicate
      December 17, 2016 at 2:10 pm

      It’s seems with all that money and wonderful lifestyle she didn’t stay. You can safely say she wasn’t a gold digger then.. However, I have been with a rich poser and lived that lifestyle and he thought he could call me names when he was angry, be rude and sometimes downright nasty. No money or lifestyle in the world if enough to spend my short time on this world with someone who thinks that buying me things will keep me with him. I’d rather live in a tent. So she won’t speak to you even though all her friends were jealous? You might have some serious flaws that the money isn’t making up for. If you stay the same and the next woman puts up with it for what you can buy – will she really be loving you for you or what you can give her? Do you honestly think that Melania Trump LOVES donald? How could she possibly? He will never be loved and he has everything in the world but his own wife probably is fighting vomit coming up into her mouth everytime she looks at him. If you don’t develop yourself as a human because you are letting money BE WHO you are then you also will never truly be loved. I loved the man I was with – truly loved him. He could have been poor but he couldn’t believe that any woman could really love him and in the end his beliefs came true. Superficial shit is really just shit. It sounds like you live a shallow life and there is no substance. That life grows boring after a while, right?

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