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    If we were just good friends, and you valued my opinion and told me everything about a guy who was in love with you (me) and asked me (the good friend, not the guy in love with you) what I thought, I’d tell you to steer clear. “Honey, he sounds really sweet, but you deserve so much better that what he can give you”.

    I get it.

    From the beginning I, perhaps mistakenly, thought I could make up what I couldn’t give you by being absolutely honest and steadfastly committed to you. That hasn’t worked very well. In fact, the guys I know who have the most success with girls are some of the most fundamentally dishonest people I know.

    But I had a thought today, maybe that’s not as bad as it sounds. Maybe what’s far worse is my honesty, burdening you with the tragedies of my existence when I’m sure you have your own problems to deal with. Maybe you would prefer me to tell you about my life the way you want to hear it, or at least as the way I wished it was. Maybe you’d find that more attractive.

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    1. do not agree
      December 14, 2016 at 4:41 pm

      What do you have, if you attract someone without being honest? Nothing real.

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