• To the Evil Retard

    by  • December 13, 2016 • Bitch! • 0 Comments

    Dear Evil Retard,

    You make me and most people sick. Please stop posting your pregnancy photos all over social media. Unfortunately, we have a few mutual friends and I have to see your posts when my friends make comments to your disgusting posts.

    Where did all this begin? Your sick referrals to my relationship when I was married. Little did you know of the pain and suffering I endured during my marriage. Was I embarrassed to share with you? Yes. I did not feel it was right since you told me of the horrors of your marriage. Then telling me to get IVF so I could save my marriage. What a solution!

    We all were quite happy for you when we realized that you were placing your hands between our mutual single friend’s legs at a party, since we knew that your marriage was not doing too well. When we inquired on what was our suspicions you denied it and beat us all up because you were dating your husband’s friend while being married.

    We all understood under the particular circumstances that reason that you would be doing all of this. Yes, you had mentioned you wanted to live a luxury life and your husband was not able to do this, that is okay, we understand.

    But then to send an email stabbing all of our backs, those who helped you with free dental services, drives to peoples home’s (since you did not know how to drive), denying everything is sick. Also accusing us good people of doing you wrong because you are hard of hearing. We did not do you wrong. You did us wrong.

    Listening to the evil thoughts of the other evil retard gossiper, is all that you trusted, then blasted all of us. Now you are all married to the guy with kids, and living the luxury life! What a sick sick evil retard!

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