• To My Evil Midget Coworker

    by  • December 13, 2016 • * Safe for Work *, Co-Worker • 0 Comments

    Dear Evil Midget,

    I am so sorry for the numerous times that you have harassed me at work and gossiped about me with my boss then confronted me about my personal life. Always asking questions about my family, my significant other, my divorce settlement, etc. even when you left the building, you still found the time to harass me.

    You have no life and no business in my personal life. You are a sick sick old woman.

    I spend much time thinking about why you would do this to me when I have no interest in you.

    I have no interest in your life, your family, etc. Why are you so interested in mine?

    By the way, you should join the society of midgets because that is what you are.

    I still feel sorry for you, because you must have something seriously wrong with yourself to keep on harassing me and then jacking off when you hear something negative about me, for example my miscarriage and divorce.

    I remember when you called me in a panic because you heard I was pregnant. I’m not sure who you heard this from. Probably my evil boss. Asking so many questions about if I was married, etc. Then talking about yourself and the fact that you have two kids.

    Who cares that you have two kids. I don’t care. That is your business. Then trying to predict the future of my child’s character. What a sick old lady you are.

    Most people who found out I was pregnant said congratulations and stopped at that. It seemed as if you wanted me to get an abortion. I don’t even know you and you don’t really know me. Always wanting to look at my pictures, etc. Then forcing me to look at yours. You sick sick old lady!
    If I could I would report you to Human resources, but I feel that you have no class, and the problem would not be solved and then unfortunately I have to work with you. That is that sad state of things you ugly old midget!

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