• Light within rain

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    Take nothing into consideration then this is what I think of you.
    You’re cute
    You’re witty
    You’re pretty
    You ain’t no quitty
    You like to toot
    Driving along
    Probs singing a song
    Might be wrong
    But hey
    It’s okay
    Let’s go back to the root
    Like a star not yet shoot
    I miss what we were
    It’s now like we’re stranded
    One in the lighthouse
    And the other on a boat
    Far away at sea
    Won’t forget who you were to me
    This is what I wrote
    It’s time for tea
    You hold the key
    Hopefully one day
    We’ll reunite
    I know there’s still some light
    Maybe no, but maybe slight
    What do you think
    What’s tonight?
    It’s all your call
    No negatives n all
    Not much to lose
    Only gain
    I would do anything to
    Take back
    Any pain
    I’m truly sorry
    For all I have done
    What’s left to be answered, is
    Will you again meet me
    In the rain
    There will be sun
    Breaking through
    I always wonder what I am to you
    Please have no worry
    For whatever will be
    You will always mean
    The WORLD to me!
    You gave me so much strength
    When I had lost so much fight
    You brought back my inner light
    How will I ever show you how much
    That meant
    Lost at sea with half a tent
    You might think I’m bonkers
    But it seems like you’re in Kent
    And I’m stuck with half a tent
    All a bit random
    As it might seem
    But you must know
    You still and always will mean the world to me ??

    To be continued.

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    1. Just me
      December 23, 2016 at 5:25 am

      I’d love the read part 2

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