• To the girl in math class

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    My dearest fall quarter crush,

    Congratulations! You’ve earned the title. Every week day, except Wednesday, when we don’t have class, I looked forward to going to my calculus class because of you. I’d go extra early, just to casually sit four feet away from you as we wait in the hallway. Every time you pass by seat, I hold my breath. I’m always relieved when someone sits in the two desks between us, because the last time they were empty, my face felt really hot as I avoid staring at your neck and back. We’ve only interacted once this quarter when you handed me a handout and smiled, and you probably don’t know my name, which is why I feel stupid for having this huge crush on you. I feel stupid for being jealous of the guy that you seemed to have a crush on. I can see that he likes you back. I’m writing this letter because I will never tell you about how I feel, because it’s better for the both of us. You like guys, not girls. You’ll probably never read this, but I wish you well.

    Person who sat two seats behind you in math

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