• To my passive aggressive roommate

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    When I think about you I feel acrid. No, really, that is not a dramatization. Don’t roll your eyes. Listen, just listen, and forget you hate me for just one moment.

    You are 21. You need to stop acting like this is high school. I would rather you be mean to me al the time, then have you be nice to my face in front of others. You make what is supposed to be my home into one of the most uncomfortable living situations. You never state your opine about me to me, only to other people.

    and it has been and will continue to piss me off.

    Why am I the only person you don’t like here? Why do you assume everything is my fault? Why did you dump a pile of items that are not mine in front of my room?

    Why do you hate me?

    Why do you hate me?


    What did I do? If I ever offend you I sincerely apologize. I cant take the cold war anymore. Stop it. be a grown up. You are so two face and I feel like I’m the only one who can see it.

    I feel like I have no one to speak to. I feel uncomfortable in the place that is supposed to be my home.

    Fuck off. Not today satan.


    Doing My Best To Purge My Angst

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