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    You can believe whatever you like about me, but at some point in your life if u ever want true intimacy you will have to realise this simple fact of human nature. Hurt people hurt people. Your hurt is reactive to my actions combined with your own experiential associations learned over your lifetime. Same with me. It’s a fact of human nature recognised by the general consensus of sociology as well as it is psychology. Things that hurt you may not hurt me and vice versa, you can’t reasonable pretend to know what hurts me as much as I can’t reasonable pretend to know what hurts you. Nor can we each assume the degree to which either of our actions could, would or should hurt another. But hurt people hurt the other.

    Hurt people hurt people! Its why humans all over the world look towards and praise figures like Ghandi and the Dalai Lhama for having risen above this fundamental flaw in human nature. I’m not Ghandi and neither are you. I hurt you because I was hurting, whether you like it or not you hurt me because you were hurting, and somewhere along the the line long long ago one of us hurt the other and never addressed it, it’s like a ball we have tossed back and forth for years, and the ball just kept getting bigger. As far as I can see everything between us is based on two hurt people who have hurt each other in reaction to their own hurt.

    AND If you fall susceptible to the widespread capitalist epidemic that humans must behave in accordance to a strict set of rules, else they are faulty, you are a fool who’s every human reaction has been nothing deeper than the pleasure that inanimate objects can afford. I’m a human being John, so are you. It’s all very well and good to excuse the complexity of this away with calling me a narcissist but in all sincerity what if I’m not?

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    1. Then he probably is
      December 15, 2016 at 3:31 am

      When there is a cycle of two people hurting each other like that and only one seeing the underlying pattern, hurt and their own faults, then that relationship is shit. You really can’t work with someone who can’t see truths about themselves and others and want to adjust and compensate and grow. Forgive the idiots blindness and pride and move on.

    2. Gemini
      December 28, 2016 at 7:04 pm

      You seem to accept that culpability is shared by both parties but is this realization arrived at in hindsight?

      One of the tenets of narcissism is ‘blaming’ (e.g.: no fault is had by the aggressor). If you held ‘John’ (I’m assuming a pseudonym) responsible and did not address any fault of your own then this falls to a tenet of narcissism. You cannot blame someone for viewing something presented in a certain light; especially, if your later differentiation in context happens on an anonymous medium such as this.

      Hurt people hurt people (a statement of the obvious) but there’s a fine line betwixt intentions – solely dependent on the context of your words and their maligned intentions. For example, if I say “Go fuck yourself!” that’s an entirely different connotative disposition than “Get the fuck away from me for right now.” Connotative context is just a relevant to the hurtful event[s] as is the very fact that someone is hurting someone else. The world simply is not as black-and-white as that.

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