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    Come let me share my deepest secrets with you. Till date it was kept in my heart only but let me share with you today.
    I met with you years ago can’t actually say when I fell in love with you but I never got you as I wanted you to be with me.You Neve treated me as I wanted to be cared yet love happened.
    In silent steps you came into my life and my life changed.
    You my sweetest temptation but I couldn’t share with anyone about this though I wanted to shout on top of my voice am in love.
    My pet was my best buddy do you know I used to share all my thoughts of you with him and the way he used to react I used to laugh my heart out in my lonely planet.
    Time flew circumstances changed I shifted base we grew apart without a goodbye.
    I came near to my safest shelter my best friend my mom,we shared so many sleepless nights speaking about so many things but somehow I could not shared my story about though inside my heart was bursting out cs I am in a habit of sharing every nitty-gritties with her.
    Somehow one day my heart was paining very bad I was missing you terribly and seeing you smiling with your dear ones and feeling lost and left out I could not hold my tears back.
    My castle was breaking I knew I was responsible yet seeing you smiling without any care I was broken much my tears was continuously flowing while I was turning the pages of your album.
    I was desperately longing for caring hug and who better can understand me than my mom,i was caught unaware..she was watching me all through without me knowing She silently came to me and asked what is wrong and what is bothering..
    I bared everything she gave me a hug and consoled,told me to be strong without being a fool.
    I cried for hours that day but felt very light after the storm passed away and I could see the light.
    The heaviness in my chest disappeared I became free cos I felt the lock gate can be opened any time I feel the need.
    Afterwards I shared my story with her and trust me she knows you thoroughly I truly mean everything there is not a single page left unread by her.
    She now at times pull my legs too and we share a heart laugh.
    So many things she says about us I wish I could share with you about her thoughts Ike now I can open my heart to her about you.
    Will you believe if I say she even says me to call you and talk for few minutes when I feel completely down I only say r u crazy? I am perfectly fine. She just quietly smile and I feel so proud to know how well she understands me. I wonder how could she read my silence I hope I too can understand my little angel so much.
    Love is unconditional truly.
    If only all could come in same frame..
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