• Did the ball freeze in your court?

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    It’s L, again. I’ve only posted in here about you a series of 3 times, this included. The first post was in 2013. The second was in 2016. And this one will be close to 2017.

    I was cleaning out my computer looking from my freshman year of college when I stumbled upon quite a few photos of us.

    Boy, did we look happy. Really purely lovingly happy.

    You know all my regrets, my apologies, and my mistakes I made between us way back in my late teenage years. There is nothing left for me to say. I said all I could. I repented all I could. I begged for your forgiveness all I possibly could.

    Well, the ball has been in your court for almost 4 years now. Not to sound rash, but did the ball freeze in your court?

    This is the point where it becomes YOUR fault.

    It used to hurt to look at old photos but I am looking now at them and realizing that I don’t think you will ever look as happy as you did when you were with me. It does not hurt to look back at our relationship anymore. The images and memories don’t haunt me anymore. I cherish them now and have moved on. I learned a great deal from my epic first love.

    It’s calming and relieving to know how significantly my feelings have waned for you. Deep down I know I am the best thing you’ve ever had.

    I know my self-worth and how far I have come and it may have taken me a long time, but all along I was actually the better one of the two of us.

    Good luck ever finding true love again.

    Be well,

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