• To My Friend and Role Model Thats Leaving

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    Dear Friend,
    You have always held a special place in my heart. Before I met you, I was a completely different person. Someone who didn’t talk to anyone, who never trusted anyone with my deepest darkest secrets, but you filled in that place. Now you’re graduating. You’re going to leave behind your old friends and create new memories with your new friends. I don’t doubt that you will find someone else to talk to daily for a second. You’re special, one of a kind, irreplaceable. I’ve never been so easily moved to tears than when I remember that next year, you won’t be here. You won’t be here to hold my hand, to hug me, to help me up, to make me happy when all I want to do is drown.
    But honestly, I am scared. Scared at the fact that once you get there, you could find someone else to do all those things with. Scared that you could easily forget about our memories, our secrets, our fun. You have been there for me, when no one else was, when no one believed in me, not even myself. I like to think that I am special to you, that my spot in your heart could never be filled. But I’ve never thought of myself like that. One day, I wish to be half the amazing woman you are. That would be enough; half. You are the reason I smile every day, the reason that I don’t have to worry about being loved, the reason that I stay up until 2 in the morning when I need to be asleep.
    Stay beautiful, kind, wonderful, passionate, loving, but most of all, stay the best friend a person could ask for, even if I am not it.
    With All the Love I Could Possibly Squeeze Out,
    Your Heartbroken Friend

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