• What is depression ?

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    What is depression? Many will tell you it’s a chemical imbalance in your brain, while that maybe true it’s a lot more then that. What is depression might you ask? Depression is telling everyone your fine with a smile while deep down you want to die, depression is building something so great and magnificent that when it’s done you start to destroy your hard work because you believe you don’t deserve such an accomplishment. Depression is chasing the girl or guy away who likes you because you don’t believe anyone could love you when you don’t love yourself. Depression will cause you to push close friends and family away because you believe you don’t deserve them. Depression isn’t kosher to talk to your close friends or family about because the burden is to great. Depression is the reason you believe you can’t succeed. Depression makes you believe you have no worth or value to anyone. Depression makes you feel distant and away from everything. Depression leads to addictions. Depression will let you build yourself up just to set yourself up for failure. Depression is terrible and for those of you who fight with it everyday I understand your pain because I live with it too.

    Depression can show many signs if you know what to look for, if a close friend of yours quit reaching out, or they exhibit different behavior patterns like maybe lashing out in anger when we use to not or becoming quiet when we were the life of the party. You will have to truly care about your friendship with us because we are fighting a battle that can not be explained. We can have a happy married family life, with a high paying job in our dream field and have everything a picture perfect person should have in their life but inside we want to disappear and never be seen again.

    If you think a friend or family member has depression the worst thing you could do is ask us if we do, it will cause us to distance ourselves even further. What you can do is try to reach out to them more often even if we ignore you invite us to dinners, sporting events even if your watching at home, invite us to help you with a project, anything really just keep trying it goes a lot further than you’d think.. it’s not your fault we don’t responding our depression is making us push you away because we believe we shouldn’t have a friend as good as you. Really understand that it’s not a reason or thing that makes us depressed it’s a sickness and a horrible one. We want to feel happy and normal like everyone else but we believe it’s not attainable. Even if we achieve happiness for brief moments the depression will always linger in the background and can take over a our lives again with out notice or reason.

    If you are the friend who’s willing to deal with our mood swings, constant self loathing, hatred towards ourselves and others, outright negative attitude plus many more. We thank you even if we don’t show it or say it we truly appreciate you trying to help even if you get a nasty response from us. It’s not that we want to be nasty towards you it’s what we believe we are suppose to do to push you away. We will set our worst foot forward to try and make others miserable like us it’s part of the sickness and unfortunately many will eventually leave our side because the burden will become to great for them. For those of you who stick around and don’t leave we commend you and thank you for your patience and unconditional love because, many of us don’t love ourselves.

    Know the signs of depression and what to look for you never know you could save somebody’s life by just reaching out and saying hello to an old friend.

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