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    Decide to meet in a public place.

    I pull up into the parking lot. I see your vehicle already parked. The car is empty. Your already inside waiting at a table for two. Lights are dim, music playing from a band on stage. My heart is about to beat out of my chest. My stomach in knots.

    I turn the corner and see you sitting there. You look as nervous as I am. I walk up and ask ” this seat taken gorgeous?” You smile and say ” now it is.” You stand and we hug as if we had just seen each other yesterday. Its funny how the nervousness just left once we hugged. I sit down. We aren’t saying a word, just staring at one another and it feels great. Its awesome how comfortable we are in silence when together.

    I can’t help but think to myself ( damn she’s so fucking hot!) You take a sip of your drink as I order mine. I start to notice a familiar look start to come over you. Your eyes starting to get a shine to them. Your mouth starting to do what it does when your feeling the chemistry rise. You stroke your forehead to the bridge of your nose. My body starts to ache at the beautiful site sitting across from me. Your trying hard to compose, as am I. Our eyes piercing into each others. The music fades from my ears only to be replaced by heartbeat. You lean back in your seat as I scoot to the table twards you and place my elbows on the table, still in eye lock. I can see your breathing intensified. I motion my mouth to say ” I need you bad, without any voice behind it. Your eyes roll back and close. My hips start moving at the thought of being up against your warm body. You motion your mouth to say back ” I want you badly”. My body throbbing hard. Only your touch could ease the deep ache.

    To be continued!

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