• I asked.

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    You said no.

    This was not a surprise to me, but I had to hear you say it
    “Of all the sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these; it might have been”. Many years of regrets have driven this phrase deep into my psyche and so the question had to be asked.

    You were kind about it, in the way I knew you would be.

    You offered me a hug. I took you in my arms and squeezed so tightly, like I could somehow push all my remaining love into you, and so be free of it. It didn’t work, love remains.

    I didn’t ask why, the question seemed irrelevant. I know I am capable of great change but I doubt I could ever be the man you want.

    Things might be awkward between us for a while. I will not raise the point again and I will not cease being your friend. Please be a little understanding while I try to clear you from my heart, but know you will always have a little corner of it left just for you.

    The fool with the kind sad eyes.

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