• Dear Mom

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    Dear Mom
    We almost lost you…again. It hurts to know you want to end your life and I understand because I feel the same way sometimes. Watching you self harm scares me, even more when you were looking for a knife so I had to go after you and hide all the knives where you couldn’t find them. I don’t like when you lock your self, idk what you are capable of if we aren’t watching you, Its painful to see you this way and its mostly because of my dad. I love him as well and I know you hurt him pretty bad in the past but he needs to learn to let go nobody is perfect. I hate seeing my little sister cry she doesn’t really understand why you want to kill yourself. I wish things were different, tonight you almost took your own life and I wish I was there for you emotionally but I couldn’t even cry, I wanted to hug you but I didn’t know how to approach you. I’m a bad person and I hate myself for that, I wish I was closer to you, maybe you wouldn’t feel “worthless”. You are my mother and I love you with all my heart and if we would of lost you idk what we would do. You should know that we love you so much and appreciate everything you do for us, it hurts when you say you want to end your life. Please don’t believe what he said, also you didn’t ruin our lives (my siblings and I) we are strong. We love you mom and just want the best for you
    Your daughter

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